[Draft Trash] Friends, Romans, Frenchman…

Just as a heads up, I thought that from time to time, I’d post the unfinished drafts that I had saved in here from my long… LONG hiatus! Enjoy!


[From January 2, 2017]: Sometimes I get angry at the fact that public school students have such a disadvantage in the college admissions process for top-tier universities.

And then I hear “Friends, Romans, Frenchman, lend me your ears” on the morning announcements and all of a sudden, I understand the bias entirely.

I don’t know what it is about high school, but my tolerance for absolute stupidity has drastically shrunk. Such an abhorrent corruption of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar would have been forgivable —  if it weren’t an announcement written by our school’s Shakespeare Club.


But in all seriousness, I’ve always enjoyed the inadvertent slip-ups from high school kids that, if heard in isolation, would cause our elders to lose hope for the future. We’re here to learn, right?

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